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Promoting Always Back Winners can earn you up to 40% commission


That’s not just on the original sale but on all re-bills thereafter of any membership plan we have available. Our monthly packages are £25/month, a 6 month flat or NH package can be purchased at £120 and a full year term is £180.

If you need banners or promo material, please contact us, here is how to get started and signed up in just 2 minutes!

Step 1:


Sign up and make a free account with either your email or social media log in.

awb step 1.png

Step 2:


Once signed in, click the bottom right corner of the screen where you should see a small pop up labelled "Become An Affiliate".

awb step 2_edited.jpg

Step 3:


Once the pop up is open, simply click sign up now and your affiliate account will be created and we will generate your personalised link.

awb step 3.png

Step 4:


Now you will have access to your personalised affiliate link that you can use to promote our services and each month we will pay you up to 40% off all sales through Paypal.

awb step 4.png
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